Sunkiddo - 巧匠工藝
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Zwei Ansichtkunstentwurf / jeder, 3 ~ 7 Arbeitstage (ohne Bestätigungszeit), wenn Sie Ihre Informationen, abhängig von der Kompliziertheit des Angebots empfangen, wenn Sie das Angebot bestätigen, bitte 50% Ablagerung vorbezahlen.
Modell : 宜農生物科技
Two view art design / each

* 3 ~ 7 working days (without confirmation time)

When you receive your information, depending on the complexity of the offer.
If you confirm the offer, please prepay 50% deposit.
Upon receipt of the deposit, the drawings are arranged. On the way will send the first draft to send you to confirm before continuing to draw,
After the completion of the first pass a smaller resolution of the picture to confirm, please confirm and pay the balance.
After receiving the payment, the email sends the finished product. (TIF or JPG format)

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